April 2017: Jamie Sanchez: Chicago’s Indie Dev Game Scene & Future of Indie Games

Hello! This is the latest in a series of talks in our living room.

This month’s talk will be by Jamie Sanchez.

Jamie will be speaking about Chicago’s indie dev game scene & the future of indie games.

Indies don’t make money. But then how do they eat, publish, and afford rent in Chicago? Why do they willingly choose artistic anguish and financial uncertainty in an oversaturated market over the stable AAA crunch? Join Jamie Sanchez, co-founder of Bit Bash and Chicago indie dev community organizer, for some insight into the bootstrapped madness of developing, marketing, and publishing indie video games.

The talk will begin at 7p sharp, and will run until 9p. Doors are at 6p; show early to get the best seats. Beer from Hopewell will be provided.

Also, note the new venue at the bottom of this page. If you go to our old place, we will be sad. Our new place is a 10 minute walk from the Blue Line, which is great.


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